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God’s Hands Reaching Haiti


God’s Hands Reaching Haiti is an outreach/foster home organization located in Northwestern Haiti.

Cenofa and Boni "Roth" Ceneus are the directors. 

Boni grew up in Winston, Oregon attending Winston Mennonite Church.  Boni made numerous trips to Haiti after high school and has lived there full time for the past several years.  In 2014 a 501c3 charitable organization was established with 5 men from Fairview and 2 others from Oregon serving on the board of directors.  Boni was married in 2018 to Cenofa and they are raising four orphaned children as well as several other foster children off and on.  In addition, they are expecting their first child in the spring of 2022.  They also operate several outreach programs to families in need.  These programs include food distribution to around 30 families bi-monthly, education assistance for approximately 100 school children, and earthquake/hurricane rebuilding and food and shelter assistance for those in the mountain areas when affected by storms.  They also occasionally have Bible Studies for their outreach women and children’s Bible Clubs.  Most of these families are single mothers who have no one else to support and encourage them.  The monthly support from Fairview will be used to increase the outreach programs so that more Haitian families can be reached with the message of the gospel and the love of God.

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