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Gospel Echoes Northwest


Gospel Echoes Northwest is a prison ministry association.  They provide literature and ministry teams to the County Jails, State Correctional Facilities and Federal Prisons in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The Crossroads Team travels on a part-time basis to the prisons as well as ministering in churches.

The Gospel literature includes an eight-course Bible Study series, Scripture Address Books, New Testaments, and Award Bibles, made available free to prison inmates. The courses are then graded by a network of over 85 volunteers who review the answer sheets and respond with encouraging comments.

Their primary mission is to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with prison inmates.  Matt. 25:36 “I was in prison and ye visited me..”

Fairview is a monthly partner and also hosts occasional events to raise additional funds for the organization.

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